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Cookie policy

We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

What are cookies

Cookies and similar technologies ("Cookies") allow small pieces of information to be read from and/or placed onto your device when you visit a website or application. See below for further information about the categories of cookies used on this website.

There are two types of cookies, first party which are cookies that are set by us and third party which are cookies set by our partners such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Autotrader, Ivendi and

Cookie categories


These are cookies that are necessary to provide essential functionality on our website such as search criteria, what functionality your browser supports, which categories of cookies you've consented to etc. These are essential and without them the site will not function correctly.


These cookies provide extra functionality that enhance the website and can be set by us or selected third parties. They are needed to show videos of our vehicles from Youtube and Facebook, provide finance quotes on vehicles from our finance providers Ivendi and Codeweavers, show feeds from our social media accounts and to provide interactive chat services from


These cookies help us understand how users interact with our web site and help us to make improvements to the design and performance of the web site. We use Google Analytics to provide this analysis and the data they collect is aggregated and anonymised.


These cookies can be set by us or third parties such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Autotrader and allow us to show you more appropriate adverts or stop you seeing the same ones repeatedly when you are viewing other websites.

How you can manage your cookie preferences

You can manage your cookie preferences at any time by clicking the 'Privacy settings' tab at the bottom of each screen or clicking manage cookies.

You can also manage cookies in your web browser usually by going to the setting page and looking for the manage cookies section.

Deleting cookies

When you change your cookie preferences in the 'Privacy setting' popup we'll remove any first party cookies that we've placed that are no longer required.

Due to web browser security protocols we can not remove any third party cookies that have been placed by our partners. You can remove these manually by going to the settings page of your web browser and looking for the clear cookie option.